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Road Transport

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We transport goods, both domestic and international, from/to Europe, using parcel transport and partial or full loads. The most common route is from / to Germany, but we successfully transpot also to/from Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, etc.

Shipments are made both by rented trucks, but also through collaborations with approximately 1,700 partners, and ensure such an impressive fleet, covering any demand and any type of transport including special transports with accompanying vehicles, oversized transports both in tonnage and size.

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Storage Services

We provide temporary storage of goods in our own warehouse area of 500 sqm (Ciorogarla, Ilfov County) for transit activities or for goods whose final destination is another country outside Romania.

We also have warehouses rented in strategic points in the country, Arad, Cluj Napoca and Brasov where we can provide short or long term storage and also internal distribution with our own fleet, both in restricted areas and in areas where additional authorization is needed.

Warehouse is Class A in accordance with the laws in force regarding labour safety, providing our employees not only European conditions in terms of equipping and design, but also in terms of security and protection during all activities.

We offer logistics services, from goods pickup, inspection, storage and loading for shipping.

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Freight Forwarding Services

As a freight forwarding company we successfully intermediate transport and related services, from goods pickup, daily reports on truck’s positions, goods insurance during transportation, making sure the transport is being carried out according to schedule and times set, delivery on time and without any problems.

To facilitate cooperation with foreign partners, we have created multilingual departments, so now we can offer a:

  • the German Department: it consists of native German speakers and execute shipments to / from countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland;
  • the English Department: consists of English speakers and execute shipments to / from the UK, the Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece.
  • the French department: consists of French speakers and execute shipments to / from France and Belgium.
  • the Flemish department: English and French speakers and execute shipments from / to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg.
  • the Italian/Spanish/Portuguese department: speaking Italian, Spanish and English and execute shipments to / from Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.

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